1-Price Advantages
There are considerable advantages in favor of our Clients as to personnel, fuel, spare parts or other expenses.

The services carried out yield in a shorter time with a shorter deadline. For example, water and channel failures are now in the level of hours rather than days.

3-Customer (Citizen – Subscriber) Satisfaction
The services rendered by us have been much appreciated by the citizens and yielded in customer satisfaction for the Clients.
4-New Technology Transfer
Thanks to periodic cleaning of channels, the flow rates in the channels will increase, and the related failures will be minimized, yielding in a healthy channel structure. There is no disturbance to the existing traffic and pedestrians and to the environment at the time of channel monitoring, failure finding and rehabilitations. Also, the entire system is monitored in the CD environment and documentations are taken accordingly, so that future interruptions to failures or decisions to be made on the system will be easier. This system has been employed by the municipalities in the USA or EU for long years. The same system will be brought to Turkey either in the form of equipment or IT.
5-Total Quality
Price advantages, time advantages, customer satisfaction and new technologies all assist in contributions of the works carried out on the environment and human health, and are therefore appreciated by the Clients and municipal authorities.

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