Founded in Ankara, 1989, our company offers construction and contracting services. Being one of the leading companies of the industry, AKAD constantly increases its service quality and completed many projects in or outside of Turkey with considerable success.


While carrying out ISKI projects successfully, we are also constructing prestigious housing and business complexes.

Akad Construction Co. bases all projects contracted by it on quality and timely delivery construction and remains in line with the very essence of the project as well as respecting it, and the Company also realizes the projects with an excellent cooperation and team spirit.
The infrastructure projects, that are very essential items of the modern life is among one of our service fields. AKAD Construction, having proven its experience in that field, takes the power of integration required by the comprehensive works from the international cooperation and project management.

Within the fields of activity are infrastructure projects, engineering works on highways, their maintenance and cleaning, construction of drinking water, rain water and waste water lines using excavation or non-excavation methods, leveling and rehabilitation of internal surfaces by a cutter
Drinking water, rain water and waste water line construction using open cut method
Monitoring of channels using the monitoring tool on which a cam is mounted, failure finding and resolving the applicable remedy method, archiving such information on DVD or...

With the directed non-excavated pipe laying method, new HDPE pipe laying (Forage Dirige directed method)

High pressure and suction (the combined vehicle with recycle feature) for channel cleaning in motor vehicles

Monitoring of channels, failure finding...
The failures determined by means of robot cams (PVC projecting into the channel, deformed seals, tree roots and concrete deposits forming on large pipe surfaces etc.) are removed by means of robot cutter.

Cleaning of all engineering works on roadways, secondary and main roads, cleaning of any box culverts, large pipes and field channels for any boggy, silt, or alluvium accumulation, removal and discharge of the debris

Rain water channel cleaning, monitoring and rehabilitating in highways and Bosporus bridge.

Conventional (Excavation Method)
State of the art (Non-excavation method) works

Price Advantages

It completed the works it has undertaken so far in the most efficient manner and time and was appreciated by the Clients for whom it carried out the projected works.
It is among the leading companies in its field in Turkey


Our team members are graduates of renowned universities of Turkey, who have long years of experience and knowledge, including civil, mechanical, surveying and environmental engineers, who are fluent in foreign languages as well as managers of business or economics graduates.
This is an electromechanical robot with 4 direction movement in horizontal, 360 degree monitoring and working skills in vertical.

Before the D.F. pipes, ACB pipe, pig pipe or PVC pipe was used in the urban drinking water lines.

DDW-110 Horizontal Directional Pipelaying Drilling Machine
Carried by rubber-tracked vehicle, the rig itself is composed of domestic famous-brand diesel engine, box frame slide, the motor chain to ...

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