Before the D.F. pipes, ACB pipe, pig pipe or PVC pipe was used in the urban drinking water lines.

Use of ACB pipe is considered to have some drawbacks as it contains carcinogen Asbestos and the pipes are not strong enough.

Pig pipes are not impact resistant, and they break at small impacts. Since the pipes have no internal lining and the internal part of the pipes develop deposits and harden by the time, the internal diameter of pipes close and water flow is blocked. (Before ISKIís shifting to D.F. pipes, the network water was generally distributed through pig pipes. Since the pipes clogged by the deposits, water supply to subscribers became harder. After ISKIís replacement of network pipes as D.F., such problems are never faced)

D.F. pipes are mixture of stero, steel and pig iron.

The results of D.F. pipeís internal surface being covered with a special material;

Water does not damage the pipe
Pipe does not corrode or impair by the time
Water does not form deposits or stony surfaces on the pipe so, there is no blockage
Water easily passes through

Are among the reasons to prefer Ductilefont pipe.

Processing, cutting and chamfering of D.F. pipes are very easy, and hidden leaks are minimized. D.F. pipes are therefore preferred in urban areas

Length ; L : 6,00 Mt.
Internal Diameter ; Q100 - Q800








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